Introductory Apache Storm talk

Hello all, I recently gave an introductory talk on Apache Storm at the Toronto Java User Group

Slides and Video are available.


Book Review - Functional Programming in Scala

A little while ago I picked up the Early Access version of Functional Programming in Scala. While at Scala by the Bay I heard a great deal of praise for the book so I decided to finally dedicate some time to working my way through it.

This is the first in a series of posts reviewing the parts of the book as I work my way through it.



Sorry for the delay in posting this, things have been busy the last few weeks.

So far we've covered a high-level overview on Hadoop and Storm. Today I want to talk a little bit about Akka, an actor system written in Scala. Note that while I have professional experience building a fairly large system with both Hadoop and Storm, my work with Akka has been much more limited and done on personal time.


Apache Storm

Last time we talked about batch processing of data with Hadoop and MapReduce. This time we'll look at Storm, a system more geared towards real-time processing of continuous streams of data.


Hadoop MapReduce

Last time, I talked about three platforms for building highly scalable, concurrent, applications. Today I'm going to do a deeper dive into Hadoop MapReduce.


Processing Data

Continuing from the previous post

Professor X and I ended up talking about "Big Data".  Over the last few years, advances in hardware (particularly in storage) have made it possible, and more importantly practical, to store larger and larger quantities of data. Our ability to process data using the same old techniques  has not kept up with that curve, memory size and CPU speed have increased, but not nearly at the rate of storage.