A new beginning

Today I had an old friend from Toronto, referred to as "Professor X" from here on in, visit me in the Bay area. Professor X is doing some work for a company in the area and we've started a bit of a tradition, we get together for a Burrito at a local taqueria when he flies in (I live near the airport), and the conversations are always interesting.

Today, amidst the rest of the conversation, Professor X suggested that I should have a blog, which I do, but since I almost never post his point was well taken.

My work over the last few months has centered around a fairly massively parallel system. This is something new for me, and I've learned a lot. I thought I might share some of those lessons and my thoughts on them in case they turn out to be helpful to others on a similar journey.

I also decided to remove my old posts, most were specific to technology that either didn't take off or has advanced to the point where my information was woefully outdated.

I'm hoping to start posting every other week, but we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned, I'll be posting some thoughts from the rest of my discussion with Professor X in the next few hours.

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